Guys, I'm sorry I wasn't so articulate about this in the video, but if you want to be our intern and live in the NYC area, your task is to go through each and every Pot Psych and I.D. the songs. You must be music savvy, obviously. (That's just our type.) We know that some songs will fall through the cracks of anyone's… » 5/09/09 10:34am 5/09/09 10:34am

@FamaGloriaque: This is really interesting. Obviously, the case that got us talking about female circumcision was one that sounded unnecessary and entirely pain-inflicting, but point taken regarding sweeping generalizations. » 3/29/09 1:14pm 3/29/09 1:14pm

He's never technically reviewed Beyond the Valley of the Dolls; he's just shared some on-set anecdotes and insight behind the writing/developing process. The "review" that's up on [] is star-less. » 10/30/08 5:31pm 10/30/08 5:31pm

Attack Of The Cat People: On The Scene At The CFA-IAMS Cat Championship

This past weekend, New York City played host to the CFA-IAMS Cat Championship, where felines from all four corners of the country were judged on aesthetics and athletics. We sent FourFour's Rich Juzwiak - Pot Psychologist, beloved pop culture chronicler and father to the feline internet sensation named Winston - to… » 10/21/08 1:00pm 10/21/08 1:00pm

@whynotshesaid: But see, there you go with the paraphrasing. You're hearing what you want to hear, which is the only way anyone could possibly take what I say as bigoted. My point, which I admit wasn't articulated as well as it could have been (on account of, you know, the situation), was how does anyone have time to… » 6/13/08 8:19pm 6/13/08 8:19pm

@slut machine: But the biggest thing is that I LOVE how Project Runway escapes the trashy reality show label by being just kind of boring most of the time. I know, I know: it's rooted in creativity, and its contestants are actually, you know, driven beyond snatching 15 minutes. But for mostly failing to turn out… » 1/24/08 5:37pm 1/24/08 5:37pm